Land Registry Plans

We provide Land Registry compliant plans for land owners and solicitors, where a plan is required for first registration, transfer, or long leases.

These plans are carefully drawn to Land Registry guidelines, which state that a map must:

  • be drawn to and showing its actual scale.
  • show its orientation (for example, a north point)
  • use preferred scales of 1/1250 – 1/500 for urban properties.
  • use preferred scales of 1/2500 for rural properties (fields and farms etc.)
  • not be marked or referred to as being for identification only or any other disclaimers.
  • show sufficient detail to be identified on the Ordnance Survey map.
  • show its general location by showing roads, road junctions or other landmarks.
  • show the land of the property, including any garage or garden ground.
  • show buildings in their correct (or intended) position.
  • show access drives or pathways if they form part of property boundaries.
  • show the land and property clearly (for example by edging, colouring or hatching)
  • have edgings of a thickness that do not obscure any other detail.
  • show separate parts by suitable plan markings (house, parking space, dustbin space)
  • identify different floor levels (where appropriate)
  • show intricate boundaries with a larger scale or inset plan.
  • show measurements in metric units only, to two decimal places.
  • show undefined boundaries accurately and where necessary, by reference to measurements

show measurements that correspond, so far as possible, to scaled measurements.