Energy Performance & SAP Calculations

SAP Calculations are a requirement of the Building Regulations, and are required for all newly built dwellings in the UK. A SAP Rating has been required for all new homes under Part L of the building regulations since 1995, therefore most developers will be familiar with it.

However, for many first time self-builders and developers it will be a new and often challenging aspect of the planning and building control process.

You may also need a SAP for a conversion or extension – but slightly different rules apply.

SAP stands for ‘Standard Assessment Procedure’. It is the only official, government approved system for assessing the energy rating for a new home. SAP assessors must be accredited and registered with a certification body

A SAP Rating is a way of comparing energy performance of different homes – it results in a figure between 1 and 100+ (100 representing zero energy cost and anything over means you are exporting energy). The higher the SAP rating, the lower the fuel costs and the lower the associated emissions of carbon dioxide.

The SAP Calculations establish an energy cost based on the construction of the home, its heating system, internal lighting and any renewable technologies installed. It does not include energy used for cooking or appliances.